Q: Why is True North different?

True North was founded on the basis of providing nothing but the absolute best hemp-derived products that are available on the market. We don't cut corners, and neither do any of our brands. If we wouldn't use the product personally, we won't sell it. We stand by our mission; to provide THC-free experiences to athletes. 

Q: Will I get high?

A: No, True North's mission is to exclusively provide hemp-derived products that contain no THC. However, using our products in high doses can cause drowsiness, so be cautious driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how it will affect you!

Q: Will your products show up on a drug test? 

A: When used properly, it is not likely. Most drug screens are testing for THC with little cross-reactivity to the other cannabinoids in cannabis. The consumer using True North's suite of high-quality products with 0% THC is unlikely to test positive if taking normal dosages.

Q: Are your products 100% natural?

A: All of the products that True North offers are naturally sourced from licensed industrial hemp facilities in both Canada and the USA.