The True North Advantage

Why choose our brands over other Hemp Extract products?

At True North Wellness, we provide active Canadian’s with access to athletic recovery products and supplements that are natural, clean, and 100% legal. It’s time to end the stigma behind Hemp Extract, and give this miracle-compound the chance to help Canadian’s everywhere.

True North Wellness carefully vets every single one of our partners to ensure that every product on our shelves contains only the cleanest and most natural forms of Hemp Extract available. We hold our partners to a higher standard.

Our evaluation process includes understanding business models / target markets to make ensure alignment with our vision. We spend a lot of time analyzing lab results to ensure harmful chemicals are non-existent, leaving only the safest and most effective products for Canadian consumption.

Another defining feature that we look for is where our partners source their Hemp Extract, and how it's extracted from the plant. All of our partners use a revolutionary extraction method which ensures a truly 0% THC content. This leaves consumers with only the cleanest and most pure Hemp Extract supplements available.

What is this revolutionary extraction method?

The industry standard is to extract the compound from cannabis oil, which naturally contains THC. What this means is that that it's virtually impossible to produce a 100% THC-free compound from cannabis oil. By extracting the Hemp Extract directly from the stalk and stems, our partners circumvent any contact with THC and are; therefore, able to offer a true 100% THC-free extract.

What is the benefit of THC-free Hemp?

In Canada, a product must contain less than 10 micro-grams of THC in order to avoid being controlled under The Cannabis Act. This is very difficult to achieve using the traditional extraction method, which leads producers to water down their extracted compounds, putting in all kinds of fillers and essential oils. This ultimately affects the quality of the product you consume.

Since Industrial Hemp naturally doesn't contain any THC, derivatives of the plant don't require any alterations to meet the requirements of the Industrial Hemp Regulations. This means there is absolutely no watering-down required. As a consumer, this means that hemp-derived compounds are much more effective, meaning more bang for your buck! It also means that you won't be exposed to toxic chemicals or psychoactive's, so our athletes don't need to worry about drug test surprises!

Whether you're an athlete performing at a top level or just an everyday Canadian who takes good care of your body, you can trust that The True North Wellness Company is providing you with only the purest and most potent Hemp-infused supplements. 

Zero fillers and zero THC guaranteed!